Our Story

When they say fishing is patient, we shout fishing is passion. Angler can quit if they no longer wait the bait to be eaten by fish, but we keep casting lure a hundred times more or if they’re boring of throwing poppers, we fight a large GT before them even if they sail the seas chasing Tunas and Marlin, we just sit back by the cliff drinking coffee hoping that our bamboo rod gets his lucky Grouper. That is visualization of Royal Caster, for us fishing is an absolute adventure channel that has no button on your fishing industry screen.

Royal Caster Company was founded in 2017 by Wahyu Taman Bunga as our CEO who live in the northern city of Yogyakarta – Indonesia, we started the business by selling fishing apparel and accessories for local anglers with our unique designs in limited quantities. Hereditary we live in archipelago that stretch from Indian Ocean into the Pacific Ocean with abundance of fishing zone and has a lot of fishing product that are originally made from our village and towns, but for some reason local anglers prefer the imported brand that drew our attention to create a world class fishing product that our customer wanted. According to our vision the company employed the “Global Sport Fishing” slogan to convey the company image and brand that strives to bring authentic and finest Indonesian fishing products into the global market.

Strategic cooperation with fishing and angler communities has changed our perspective as we find that it is the fishing communities themselves who play a key role in environmental degradation such as exploitation and extinction as is also the case in the world of hobbyists and other sports. Therefore, we encourage our customer to be a royal angler that loads social awareness and environmental responsibility as daily tackles in regard of sustainable fishing by more selective in choosing qualified fishing product that last longer to decrease over consumption and thus reduce water pollution from fishing wastes. The brand blast the “Repeat Don’t Quit” tagline to gain more valuable resource for multiple campaign that can help our brand to grow larger and faster to achieve our goal of better fishing society by putting more enjoyable aspect on our branding and marketing strategy.

Join us as a Royal Caster, a native mammal that roams the green mountains and swims into the blue waters of our home. We are people who believe that land and water are one unified ecosystem that God has given us to protect and preserve from generation to generation until Judgment Day. Don’t let our forests be destroyed by the modern industry called “development” which is responsible for the loss of river channels and lowering of water levels over vast areas, instead of protecting the living from killing and displacement but has forced them to stray among them. our feet. Meanwhile, the oceans are getting damaged by pollution and over-exploitation which is causing the massive extinction of plants and animals. Imagine that rivers no longer send fresh water into the ocean but tons of human waste such as plastics, chemicals and industrial products that endanger the future of most fish and other animals everywhere and every day. Let’s go together and do better.